artist in progress


My artwork is a “soleful” excursion that allows me to explore the visual and emotional realms of my life.

I grew up with concrete moving under my Chucks, and the ability to escape for several days without notice. During these forays, I found beauty, depth and warmth in the often over-looked and unappreciated urban spaces that are now reflected in my paintings. Like my life, these places were complicated by a sense of innocence, guilt, character and the ability to endure.

Finding my way then, and walking with the same awareness now, is at the “route” of my art. As an artist in progress, I have realized that following my passion to create my artwork is best done if I paint from the “sole” of my heart outward.
Juried Shows
2011 Elder Street Gallery (Houston, TX)
2006 The Peoples Gallery (Austin, TX, City Hall)
2005 The Peoples Gallery (Austin, TX, City Hall)
2003 Craighead-Green Gallery (Dallas, TX)
2003 The Congressional Hispanic Caucus Permanent Collection (Washington D.C.)
Artwork selected and featured on the 2003 Annual Gala poster
2003 San Antonio Art League Gallery (San Antonio, TX)
1999 El Taller Gallery (Austin, TX)
2002 San Antonio Art League Gallery (San Antonio, TX)
2001 The Unsung Gallery (Austin, TX)
Selected Exhibits
2010 Rooftop Art Exhibit (Austin, TX)
(Friends of Austin Cultural Entrepreneurship (F.A.C.E.), Historic Brown Building)

2009 McGraw Hill Publishing (Textbook artwork)
2006 Maneja Beto, Accidentes de Longitud y Latitud (Album cover)
2001 Austin American Statesman (Art review by Michael Barnes)